Wombat Welfare in Victoria

The Future of the Wombat is in our hands. We can't as a responsible nation let mange continue its destruction of the wombat population and do nothing to ease the suffering.

Mange Management is here to educate and provide support with help, knowledge and the tools for mange treatment.

By doing nothing we ensure that not only will any wombat catching mange die, but we promote it's spread amongst all wombats.


Koko - before treatment for Sarcoptic Mange


The will to live is immense, even in this terrible state this wombat continues to eat to survive.

Working together with Landcare Groups, Friends Groups, Landowners, in fact any one interested in helping wombats with mange is an ideal way to reach affected areas and eradicate mange and stop the suffering. A win win for everyone especially the wombats.


Mange Management is proudly supported by:



* If you would like to support us, why not get a Community Benefit Card of Ritchies IGA registered under “Mange Management” ?
It is free, very easy to do (just ask in store) and you receive great specials if you show the card at the checkout.
Check their website for store locations: www.ritchies.com.au
Mange Management Inc will get a small percentage of the total turnover if enough people take part and we reach a certain threshold each month.


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Workshops 2014 *

* Proudly Sponsored by:
The Macedon Ranges Wildlife Network.
Information Workshop and Training Session Saturday 9th August 1.30 - 3.30pm
Venue: 1st Woodend Scout Hall, Forest st. Woodend.
Free Treatment Kits will be available on the day.
For more information and bookings please contact
Linda Healy Mob: 0438 363 242
or email: info@mangemanagement.org.au

* Mange Management Inc.
is holding an informative workshop followed by hands-on training
Saturday 23rd August between 2 - 4pm in Neerim South.
Learn how to identify and treat mange in our free living wombats using the "Burrow Flap" method.
Free treatment kits will be available. RSVP 21st August
Jen Mattingley Ph:59 444 378
or email: info@mangemanagement.org.au

* Practical workshops can be conducted for landcare and community groups on request.

Cheques payable to:

Mange Management Inc.
15 Harpfield Rd, Beaconsfield Upper,
Victoria, 3808, Australia

Direct Credit to: BSB 633-000, Account No. 145133914

The treatments used in this trial are very expensive so all donations are gratefully received.
Mange Management would like to be advised of any sightings of wombats which may be suffering from mange infestation throughout Victoria.

If you see a wombat which you think might have mange please contact Mange Management as described on this page.
This can often be a hard decision to make.

If the wombat is easy to catch as a result of compromised hearing and sight and is flyblown with a rotting dead smell, this usually indicates the infestation has progressed too far and secondary infection has developed.

At this stage it is recommended to euthanise to avoid prolonged suffering.

Euthanasia can be carried out humanely by a trained wildlife carer/rescuer.

The disposal of the body will be the property owners responsibility. Be aware that the mange mites can remain active to 3 weeks after the wombat has died. So disposal needs to be carried out immediately, or the mange cycle continues. Wear gloves to avoid contamination.

The body can be buried or burnt completely or it can be taken to the local vet, sealed in a body bag which will be supplied by the Mange Management group.

Most vets will dispose of the body free of charge if it's bagged and labelled 'wildlife' but it's wise to check with your local vet first.
Mange Management welcomes the assistance of individuals, land holders, landcare groups, wildlife shelters and carers, bushwalkers: in fact, anyone who cares about the suffering of these wonderful native animals.

SPREAD THE WORD: The easiest thing you can do to help is to spread the word that trials are taking place to treat mange in free ranging wombats and pass around some posters which will be supplied by Mange Management on request.

KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN: Report any sightings of infected wombats to us.

GET INVOLVED: With some initial training provided by Mange Management you can monitor a burrow and report back on the wombat's progress.

We are looking for volunteers for the following tasks:
* In-field work (setting up burrow flaps, installing cameras, finding burrows etc)
* Computer work (databases, website, admin work, grant applications)
* Putting kits together

If you or someone you know would like to help us out, we would love to hear from you.

HELP WITH EQUIPMENT: If you're good with your hands you can make up some burrow flap devices. They can be made from a variety of scrap materials.

Mange Management Inc. has instructions on how to make one.

AND OF COURSE: You can donate to Mange Management Inc. The treatments used in this trial are very expensive so all donations are gratefully received.